Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sweet Propose


It's been a looongg time. :*

Okay. This time I want to tell you, that some time ago I joined a photo contest which is presented by Etude House Indonesia.
The contest requires participants to take pictures with a new arrival product named "Sweet Propose" together with special person (must be male).
Here's the photo :)
Mariana Mel | e_photograph

They only selected 10 lucky winner throughout Indonesia.
And , I WON! <3
Etude House gave me prize, that's IDR 1,000,000 voucher!

But, what's product is that?

 "Sweet Propose" which I have is #1 Kiss Me. That's make up kit fo girls dreaming sweet propose composed with lovely collectible make up products.
1. LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge #4
2. Moon Crystal Power Gloss #1
3. Lovely Cookie Blusher #02
4. Precious MIneral BB Cream SPF30 PA++ #3

Monday, October 10, 2011


A half-day session on 011011 (October 1st) *teary eyes*

Very very thank's to:
Revina Jesslyn and Yoanna Senjaya
Place: Finesse Fotografi (Benny Bernardus)
Photographers: Suzy Soey (Soe Photograph), Raizal Zay, Wikky Gunawan

Let's check it out ! *wink* :*

Friday, September 9, 2011

SEINZA collection

My friend's sister has a gallery. SEINZA COLLECTION. Provide a variety of gown for many events, such as birthday party, bridesmaid, pre-wedding, etc. This is part of the photo shoot that we did a while ago. :) 
(another pictures will be updated, soon)

Captured by: Salliscya Photography
Make Up by: RÊbeauty by Gynn
Hair Do by: Felisita Florencia

Monday, August 29, 2011

Skin, I do care of you

Those are my daily skin care. I use it every day.

 Lemme introduce to you one by one.. :)

 (1)  "Sumber Ayu" Bath Scrub, contains milk on it. Make your skin smooth and soft, and white of course :)

(2) "Garnier" clarifying foam. With lemon essence and herbal extract for clarifies your skin face day after day.

(3) "Vaseline" Firming Intensive Care. Its formula is quickly absorbed into the skin, and contains Collagen and Seaweed Extract to moisturize your skin, makes it soft and looks tight.

(4) "Olay" Natural White Light. Healthy fairness day cream. Its formula to reduce the appearance of dark spots and dullness for a healthy-looking natural fairness that glows.

(5) The couple perfect of "L'OREAL". Cleansing Milk and Whitening Toner. They'll remove your make-up and protect your skin face.

(6) "Tong Tji" Green TeaIt helps you for digestion, and make your skin healthy.

(7) "Nourish Skin". The skin nutrition to make your skin healthy. You can drink it twice a day for the first month of use, after breakfast and before sleep. By acnes and dry skin!

(8) And this is the most important of all... Mineral water! 

To care your skin, you don't need to choose the most expensive things. You just have to be consistent in using it every day. Love and care of your beautiful skin...

xoxo ( っ˘з˘)ε˘`)っ 
g y n n 

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Hair Story

I will share how's my hair looked from some years ago till now. ;)

I'll start from 3 years ago. Bob hair! *cry*

About 3 months later... Hair extention? Yes, I did it. And I like to made it curly.

Goodbye white-gray uniform! Welcome new hair colour!

I bought hair-clip. And its color wasn't match enough with my hair. But it's ok lah. ;)

Like to made my hair to be half-curly.

My hair-clip color is matching now!

Oh no, my hair grew so fast. See the black part?

I made my hair dark-brown. This is without hair-clip.

I like to made a cute bun.

Blond hair.

I change my hair-clip colour, too. OMG so yellowy. *can't watch*

My hair isn't short like before, isn't it?

I still feel it's too yellow. :'(

This is how dark mahogany worked on my hair... ;) :*

Of course my hair-clip, too. Really love it.

And it was fade out just after 2 weeks... :'(

WELCOME BLACK. Black hair-clip, too.

My hair is long already ... ^^

P.S. And on October 16th I'll get my dark mahogany back (again)! Super can't wait...